Episode 18: Superman III

This week, impressive computer magic can do anything as we hit the slopes (and the streets) to save the reputation of Superman III! Writer and podcaster Joe Mazel joins the […]

Episode 17: Constantine

This Halloween, Craft Disservices rises from the dead for a discussion about an early comic book film so underrated it’s scary: 2005’s “Constantine”! Film critic and author Darren Mooney of […]

Episode 15: Space Jam

Everybody get up, it’s time to slam as we do a real jam on 1996’s “Space Jam”! Musician and podcaster Gooey Fame joins the show to talk about the classic […]

Episode 14: Super Mario Bros.

We’re done playing games this week as we jump into the first video game movie adaptation, 1993’s “Super Mario Bros.”! Author and returning guest Melissa “Frickin” Olson is back to […]

Episode 12: Alien

It’s our first pièce de résistance this week as we present a film whose merits were evident on its release, but the movie industry had to catch up before it […]