Episode 1: Punisher: War Zone

Come take a listen to the only movie-related podcast on the internet, Craft Disservices! Our mission: to review the films that critics rejected but audiences embraced; be they prime rib or pulp, genre or general, we give films a fighting chance to entertain us.

On our first episode, we enlist with 2008’s Punisher: War Zone, a movie that asks the question, “What would happen if you tried to recycle that guy from The Wire?” I don’t know if we find the answer, but I do know it would be written in blood with a singed dreadlock.

Jacob Gulliver of Hot Chocolate Media joins the show to discuss this misunderstood masterpiece, and we cover important topics like Doctor Strange’s Hawaiian shirts, awkward political commentary, Eustachian tubes, rooting for the monster, and a startling confession about The Dark Knight!

This show is more entertaining than a barrel of parkour gang members on meth! Listen today!

Punisher: War Zone Scores
Rotten Tomatoes: 27%
Metacritic: 30
IMDB: 6/10

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