Episode 10: Jupiter Ascending

Strap on your space rollerblades and get ready to wait in line at the DMV as Craft Disservices returns to explore a cult camp hit!

Jacob Gulliver of Hot Chocolate Media is back on the show and he’s brought the overlooked “Jupiter Ascending” with him! Jupiter Jones is a mild-mannered toilet cleaner with a dog fetish, but when the tater-tot of her dreams skates in to protect her from Soylent Blue-swilling aliens, she embarks on a galaxy-spanning adventure and discovers that she owns the Earth! Technically, all telescopes belong to her!

We both pick apart and praise this imaginative romp from the minds of the Wachowskis and on our journey we talk Wizard of Oz parallels, wonder why space rollerblades never became the new Bullet Time, explore the Wachowskis’ Lucasian naming aesthetic, ask “Whither YA?”, decry toxic fandom, and declare Channing Tatum the pasta salad of modern cinema!

Jupiter Ascending makes Cloud Atlas look like My Dinner With Andre! Listen today!

Jupiter Ascending Scores
Rotten Tomatoes: 26%
Metacritic: 40
IMDB: 5.3/10

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