Episode 3: Congo

Strap on your Power Glove and spit out that sesame cake ’cause we’re headed into Congo!

Author Melissa F. Olson joins the safari as we explore this throwback, “lost world” movie, the “flop” that somehow made more in 1995 than Braveheart, Get Shorty, Heat, 12 Monkeys, and Bad Boys. BAD BOYS. On our adventure through this “perfect storm of nonsense”, we talk the joy of bad movies, snake vision, gorilla head shots, Winston flashbacks, living in the shadow of Jurassic Park, and being trapped in the World’s Most Avoidable Car Accident!

We also wax nostalgic about Blockbuster, wonder what’ll be on Sean Connery’s gravestone, admire Bruce Campbell’s scream face, respect the Linney, detour into Anaconda, question what’s happening between Dylan Walsh and that gorilla, and a whole lot of Mummy talk! Plus, I unexpectedly throw myself on the tracks for this “perfect storm of nonsense,” and Melissa refuses to acquiesce to the damn, dirty robot apes!

This episode is all about having your sesame cake and eating it, too! More!

Congo Scores
Rotten Tomatoes: 23%
Metacritic: 22
IMDB: 5.1/10

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