Episode 6: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Take that hotdish out of the oven because it’s time for a forgotten Midwestern classic!

Co-host of the Just Enough Trope podcast Diane Blumenfeld joins the show this week as we strap on our tap shoes, don our Mount Rushmore hats, and smear Vasoline on our teeth for Drop Dead Gorgeous! We look at the 1999 satire of a small-town Minnesotan beauty pageant and judge just how well it did in the accuracy round. Along the way we wonder why all the smoking, whether or not Amy Adams could pass for “real”, whether or not this movie really gave us the Gilmore Girls, and what exactly was the deal anyway with the ’90s and high school films?

Plus, we tally r-words, look at the last gasp of “fun” Asian stereotyping, examine the birth of Allison Janney as a “pro taker-downer”, and talk “Midwestern” eyebrows!

We can’t take our eyes off this film . . . get your ears on us!

Drop Dead Gorgeous Scores
Rotten Tomatoes: 44%
Metacritic: 28
IMDB: 6.6/10

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