Episode 11: Nothing But Trouble

Grab a warm Hawaiian Punch and fix yourself up a couple of DOGS as Craft Disservices returns to go where Roger Ebert feared to tread . . . Valkenvania!

Author and film critic Mark McPherson is back on the show and he’s brought “Nothing But Trouble” with him! When four New York yuppies take a leisurely drive upstate, they figure a minor traffic ticket is the least of their worries. But when they appear before Alvin Valkenheiser, Valkenvania’s 106-year-old judge, jury, and executioner, they realize their chances of leaving town with unstripped bones are slim-to-none . . . and that’s *before* they meet Bobo and Lil’ Debil!

Come listen to two educated men push their brains to the limit trying to figure the forces that could have conspired to create this film, which was both Dan Akyroyd’s directing debut and swansong. Along the way, we discuss pushing the boundaries of genre, how movie-goers sometime NEED a film to be “good”, reuniting Second City on film, and Dan Akyroyd trying to fit into the director’s chair. And of course, we also talk condiment trains, John Candy escaping the movie, Mr. Bonestripper, Tupac Shakur’s film debut, explaining “Cool World” to your girlfriend, and why you need that guy who will tell you not to put a penis on your nose.

Go suck a bug! Preferably while you listen to this episode!

Nothing But Trouble Scores
Rotten Tomatoes: 5%
Metacritic: n/a
IMDB: 4.9/10
CinemaScore D+

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