Episode 8: The Travelling Executioner

Fire up the generator and dust off Ol’ Reliable because we’re back with an episode that will send you to a better place!

John Edward Moret is the programmer for the Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis and he joins the show this week to sing the praises of a lost classic, The Travelling Executioner! Stacy Keach stars as Jonas Candide, an ex-convict and ex-carny with a portable electric chair and a gift for putting the condemned at ease. But when he’s tasked to put the beautiful Marianna Hill to death, things go off the rails in the style you’d expect from an early ’70s movie. Right down to the unexpectedly explosive climax!

Join us as we look at the auteurism of ’70s cinema, discuss the value of Rotten Tomatoes, talk rooting for Dirty Harry, explore the Variety archives, John talks the post-Vietnam American crossroads, Aaron pitches a Bud Cort double feature, and we reveal the existence of the real travelling executioner himself, Jimmy “Dr. Zogg” Thompson!

This show could easily be described as “tone-deaf to its own ridiculousness”! Check it out!

The Travelling Executioner Scores
Rotten Tomatoes: n/a
Metacritic: n/a
IMDB: 6.3/10

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